Welcome to the wonderful world of Deliciously Inappropriate. Established in 2012 from an idea that people are looking for their sexual freedom.  I found out, through social media, that normal everyday people had this need to push past the monotonous sex they had been having.  They wanted to ask questions that they couldn't ask their friends and family, but without a place to go for advice, they were stuck. So Deliciously Inappropriate was created and the questions came pouring in.   DI started out small with just a few hundred members.  At first the questions were basic, but as new members joined, the questions became more intense and the comments more detailed.   The need for a more intimate setting was in order. DI VIP Room was created for members to share their experiences and knowledge. However being watched by social media's rules and guidelines prevented members from opening up completely so DI was reinvented once again. This website was created to allow total freedom for people to learn from others and get the answers they crave.  It is people helping people at its finest.


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